The Governing Board of the NNIC

Officers of the Board

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NNIC Board of Directors: Why They Serve

President: Steve Mulvenon

Why I Serve: After seeing NNIC from the “outside” I was pleased to be able to accept a board position and contribute from the “inside.” During my tenure with the Washoe County School District, I was able to help with arranging several NNIC after-school programs where students learned a foreign language. We also partnered with the International Center on a summer camp. Now, as a board member, I hope to be able to lend my expertise in marketing, communications and media relations to strengthen NNIC’s visibility in the community and broaden our support base. Today’s young people are growing up in a global society and it’s NNIC’s outreach to those future leaders that motivates me.

Background: For 24 years until his retirement in 2010, Dr. Steve Mulvenon was the Director of Communications and Community Outreach for the Washoe County School District. In that capacity, he oversaw the district’s internal and external communications efforts including media relations, school-business partnerships, publications, volunteer services, the district’s website and family/parental involvement programs. He is a frequent presenter at state and national conferences including the seminars of the National School Public Relations Association, The American Association of School Administrators and the National School Boards Association. Currently, he teaches courses in school-community relations at both the Reno campus of the University of Phoenix and the University of Nevada, Reno. In 2007, Mulvenon was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Sierra Nevada Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. He recently became an associate with Patron Insight, Inc., a Kansas City area firm. From his home in Sparks, he’ll provide communications training and personalized assistance for school districts in Nevada and surrounding states.

Treasurer: Bob Fry

Why I Serve: I serve on the NNIC Board, as this is my way to help make the world a better place. Because the NNIC touches so many people from different countries, I feel that my time is well spent. While it is impossible to calculate the benefit to the world, I know that the NNIC is introducing many ordinary citizens of the world to different cultures, languages, and ideas. The friendships that are created will last much longer than anyone could imagine and that has to make the world a better place for all of us.

Secretary: Karren Smith

Why I Serve: I despair of a country whose citizens do not travel abroad, who do not seek out new people, culture and ideas. i serve on the board to encourage those exchanges, to welcome international guests into our home, to learn from them & to share new experiences. I believe that governments will never resolve differences if their people cannot connect and recognize common aspirations. I also selfishly serve to associate with the fine people who are committed to NNIC, both board members and staff

Bio:  Karren Smith has been married for 50 years to Michael Smith. She has 3 married children and 4 grandchildren. Karren received a BA in History from UNR with graduate work in Criminal Justice & Hotel/Convention Management. She has been the Unit Manager: Dept. of Adult Parole & Probation; instructor in Criminal Justice at TMCC; adjunct at the National Judicial College; Director of Cultural Focus Tours; and conference planner/manager for Nevada Commission on Tourism. Karren is a writer, editor, traveler, designer of student internship and volunteer programs, lover of good food, wine, books and theatre.


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