2014 Algerian Youth Leadership Program

About the 2014 Algeria Youth Leadership Program

The Algeria Youth Leadership Program (AYLP) introduces 25 high school students (and 3 high school teachers) from Algeria and 8 high school students from Nevada to learn about the following:

* Community Activism

* Civic Education

* Leadership

* Media Literacy

* Algerian and American Culture

The Algeria Youth Leadership Program is an NNIC program that was started in 2009. Funded by the US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Citizen Exchange Division, its purpose is to promote cross cultural dialogue between 25 Algerian high school students (and 3 educators) and to provide a comprehensive survey of community activism, civic education, and leadership. Activities will focus on building both knowledge and practical skill levels in these areas. The students and educators will participate in workshops, community service activities, have meetings with community leaders, and partake in discussion groups that will provide for substantive interaction with each other and their American peers in the program. Eight American high school students will be selected to participate in this program, and will partake in a number of activities between May – October 2013. The most intensive component of the program will be from June 13th- July 8th, which is the period of time the Algerian students will be in the United States.

Important Dates:

* March 10, 5:00pm: American Participant Application due

* March 24th: Participants notified of acceptance

* May 3rd: First Orientation with parents and participants

* Participant Pre-Program Orientation: week of June 2-6. Exact dates TBA

* June 13-July 8: Program dates

o June 16-July 1: Reno Community Program

o Travel to San Francisco and Washington DC Finale: July 1-8

* American Participant Follow-up meetings and one-day service project: 5 meetings for the 2014 fall semester for one day service project implementation. Times TBD

Are you interested in becoming a home host?

As a home host, a fancy estate isn’t required, just an extra bedroom, some meals for your guest and an open heart! Your guest will participate each day in scheduled classes, presentations and events. Additionally, NNIC will plan some weekend activities for the participants to learn about our culture and history in Nevada and the United States. The NNIC will provide a cultural briefing for the Home Host participants a week prior to the guest arrival that will include some background on the visitors and their region as well as some key words and phrases to facilitate communication between host and visitor. The program will also include social gatherings and receptions in which you and your visitor will be able to meet and socialize with other hosts and visitors. Be a home host — the experience will be priceless!

Home hosting requirements:

* Dates of hosting: June 16-July 1, 2013

* Transportation will be provided to and from program sites

* Some participants will only eat halal (meat from animals that have been prepared according to Islamic culture). NNIC will provide home hosts with some halal throughout the time participants will be hosted.

* Under Department of State requirements, a simple background check is required for all individuals 18 and older living in the household. Please see application for further information.

Important Dates:

* Month of May: NNIC staff visit to homes of hosts. (Visits will be arranged with hosts)

* Home Host Orientation May 29, 5:30pm. (Mandatory for hosts) Contact Justin Fong for Location

* June 16: First meet and greet with home hosts

* For more information regarding home hosting or the Algeria Youth Leadership Program, please contact: Justin Fong via email: CLICK ME

2014 Home Host Application Form

American Applicants

Northern Nevada International Center

2014 Algeria Youth Leadership Program for Northern Nevada High School Students

The recruitment period for 2014 AYLP American Applicants is now open. The deadline for application submission is Monday March 10th at 5:00pm. Applications can be brought in person to the Northern Nevada International Center located at 821 N. Center street Reno, NV 89501 or emailed to Justin Fong at Jfo...@nnic.org.

Nevada High School Application

Algerian Applicantants: To apply, please visit the U.S. Embassy website and complete the AYLP application form.