Language Bank

The NNIC’s Language Bank

Effective multilingual communication is essential to targeting international markets in today’s global economy. The Language Bank of Northern Nevada fulfills this need by providing translation / interpretation services in over 60 languages to businesses and organizations. Most of our interpreters are bilingual/multilingual as well as bicultural / multicultural; this provides clients additional benefits in facilitating communication between people from different countries and cultures.

For our Clients:

  • Information about Hiring an Interpreter / Translator
  • List of Languages available
  • Rates for Interpretation and Translation services
  • Who are our Interpreters?
  • Our Specialties
  • Contact Information

For NNIC Language Bank Interpreters and Translators:

  • Information for Interpreters (login req’d)
  • Information for Translators (login req’d)
  • Training Information (login req’d)
  • Glossaries (login req’d)